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Research & 

Our team of experts will work with you to develop a custom solution that meets your specific needs. The research and development at flickerdot is wide and integrative, and includes human movement science, biomechanics, virtual reality for research, AI, end-to-end systems, and blockchain technology. 

Human Movement Science

Our experienced team use cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive analysis of human movement and physical activity, offering insights that can be used to improve peoples lives, as well as, athletes performance. We will provide you with relevant data and insights to make informed decisions about your physical activity.

Dance Performance with light in the background
Virtual Reality

Our team can help you build virtual reality experiences in three-dimensional environments that would otherwise be impossible to explore. This technology can be leveraged for research, industry, and commercial applications that would give your business a competitive advantage.

A person wearing a VR headset
Artificial Intelligence

We help organizations harness the power of AI to gain insight, automate processes, and drive better outcomes. Our team provides advanced artificial intelligence services, using large language models, end-to-end systems, visual pattern recognition, generative AI, and trading.

A smily face robot looking at the camera
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