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Web3 and blockchain development are new technologies that are the base for cryptocurrencies and decentralised applications. Thus, we continuously explore how such technologies can be employed to create secure, reliable, and decentralised blockchain solutions to empower our clients

Smart Contracts (Research Phase)

We are currently in the research phase to explore the use of  smart contracts based on blockchain technology to create and deploy self-executing contracts that automate business processes. 

Light blue cubes and lines over a black background. This represents smart contracts and blockchain technology
Decentralised Identity Solutions (Research Phase)

We are currently in the research phase to explore decentralised identity development and applications through blockchain technology. Decentralised identity will allows users to securely store, manage, and control their encrypted personal data. This ensures that the data is safe and can only be accessed with their permission. 

Colour blocks used as pixels to represent a person without identifiable information
Non-Fungible Token Collenctions

We are currently working on our first non-fungible token collection that will represent the flickerdot's foundation. As we strongly believe in arts as a mean of expression, we plan to release at least one collection per year.  Keep updated!

Behind view of a man looking at a display with blurred NFTs
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